Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Win a New MacBook Air! NO purchase required!

For My New Blog I want to do A Giveaway with a Bang!
I also want to make a donation too!

I Want/Need a New Laptop...Who doesnt?...and a MacBook Air would be awesome...right?

But the price Tag ($999.00) eep! You have got to be nuts!
Plus didnt the holidays and school supply shopping just happen!
(C'mon some of us are staring at a broken piggybank, right?)
But I want to help you out there I want to give one away!

**If you want nomorerack/friendrack info you can go here.**
Basically when you go through my referal link I get a credit.
When I reach a certain amount I can cash it in for free products!
(like the MacBook I'm wanting to giveaway and the Wii and PS3)
You dont have to purchase anything...just recieve emails!
You can even send your friends through your own referal link!
And Score Your Own Freebies!
However, if you are uncomfortable in any way you dont have to enter, instead you can wait for a non referal giveaway!
(Which I will be doing soon!)
  My goal wasnt to upset or confuse anyone and Im sorry if I did.

However, if you do feel like entering...
Just follow the Directions on the rafflecopter entry form below!
and make sure to read the Terms and Conditions Please!

**Im opening this Giveaway to International Visitors as well**
Tell your friends and Keeps the Entries/Comments Coming!

In addition to the Giveaway I want to make a donation as well!

I want to donate to an Arkansas Childrens Charity
 but Im not sure which.

But I do know That I want to donate a New Wii and PS3 System and whatever else I can get with the referals.

However, making these donations is based on me being able to recieve at least 2500 entries into this contest so help me and not only do you have a chance to win but you will also be bringing smiles to needy children!

*Comment Below What Childrens Charities you think should recieve the donations and why you think so!*


***Everyone Please Make Sure You Are CONFIRMING Your Nomorerack account***
I dont want to delete entries but not following the rules will force me to, sorry :(

Im limiting the entries to 2500 CONFIRMED entries meaning this giveaway could end at anytime so check back often and keep an eye on your emails!

Thank You and BEST OF LUCK!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I should win because I never owned a laptop and have Apple envy.

  2. yea i would have loved to enter,but ive already got a no more rack account. hurry up and post a giveaway like this for people with a no more rack account. i love no more rack

  3. @Edward29 Great Comment tell your friends so we can get the giveway going!...The quicker the better!

    @Darlene Miller Im brainstorming giveaways as I type!..But if you have any friends interested in this giveaway send them my way!

  4. Make a Wish is always a great choice

  5. No Kid Hungry is a great charity

  6. @spike make a wish is a great idea...I'm a bit torn maybe I'll do a vote!

    @meaghan B...would they accept game systems?....maybe I'll do a separate donation soon!

    @Jo. Thank you for entering!...tell your friends!....the sooner the giveaway the better!

  7. Latin American Foundation for the Future is a great organization:)

  8. I used to donate to the Ronald McDonald House. Also you could just go to Salvation Army if they have one in your area : )

  9. @natalie Im going to look into that Ive never heard of that organization!

    @fridagllitz Ronald Mcdonald house is a great Idea...I think I will be doing More charity/donation work as the year goes on!

  10. I am a Ronald McDonald donater and Toys for tots

  11. What a great giveaway and charity wish. Have a great year!

  12. There are many great children's charities out here. I might suggest that you check with your local/regional Make a wish and see if there is a wish for a gaming system or your local children's hospital/ peds cancer treatment center l to see if they need one to help pass the time.

  13. thanks for this giveawy! I like to donate to Childrens Hospital

    hbbs55 at gmail dot com

  14. Big Brothers Big Sisters
    great giveaway

  15. St Judes is one of my favorite. They help with costs for children that are sick.
    Thanks so much and Happy New Years.

  16. Hey Guys!...Great Comments!....I'm so excited that everyone has great ideas! With there being so many choices it's really going to be hard but I know that no matter what it will make some children happy!....Thank you guys for the entries and comments! Tell your friends and have a great New Year!

  17. Ronald McDonald House is a wonderful charity!

  18. Replies
    1. Happy New Year to You too!...Sorry for the late comment I've been very busy with school!...I hope you have a blessed year!

  19. I would really love to see a donation go to the international rescue committee: http://www.rescue.org/

    I made several donations to them in honor of friends and family members for holiday gifts. The truly do amazing work for children in extremely dire crises worldwide.

    I'd also LOVE To win this mac book airbook..I need a new computer and can't even imagine owning something so amazing.

    All the best to you and thanks for the chance to win this (and for donating for a worthy cause too)

  20. I think it should go to St. Jude's as they help the most vulnerable of children who have cancer get care even if they do not have the financial means

    1. I'm definitely leaning toward a children's hospital! Thanks for the support and the comment!

  21. St. Jude is a wonderful hospital, but LeBonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis is another very deserving institution! I admire you for what you're doing!

    1. Thank You for the encouragement! This giveaway is slow going but as soon as I reach the amount needed to make the donation I will do that first! If you know of anyone interested send them this way!

  22. Make A Wish, thank you for providing everyone with some great gifts.